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PropStream provides unmatched access to detailed property records nationwide. More data, more features, and investor tools than any other service. 

Unlimited searches let you evaluate specific properties or search our database of over 160 million records, both on and off market, that meet your exact investment criteria. Target motivated sellers, find cash buyers, accurate COMPS, and much more with our precise filtering system. 

Work Smarter. Not Harder.

PropStream has more data, more features, and investor tools than any other product or service on the market today. Identify your investment criteria, search, evaluate and target. PropStream's built in marketing features make it easy for you to reach your prospects through customized postcards, email campaigns, landing pages and ringless voicemails. 

Nationwide Property Search

Search for any property address and unlock a wealth of detailed information.

Comparable Home Sales

PropStream generates comps from MLS sales and county recordings, allowing the most current and accurate analysis available.

Targeted Marketing Lists

Generate highly targeted lists of properties that meet your specific investment strategy.

Search for Any Property Address

Search for any property address and unlock a wealth of detailed information. View ownership information, property characteristics, tax information, mortgage and transaction history, lien and foreclosure details, COMPS, nationwide MLS listings, and much more.

Comparable Home Sales (Generate COMPS)

PropStream generates COMPS from MLS sales and county recordings, providing you with the most current and accurate COMPS available. If you choose, you can draw on the map and select specific results, or refine the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, change the date range and distance then view the specific details...

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With PropStream, you don't need a real estate license to access active, pending, expired and failed listings on the MLS nationwide.

As a matter of fact, you will see more property related information for MLS properties than most real estate agents and other real estate professionals have access to!

National MLS Access

Owner Contact Lookup

PropStream will help find e-mail addresses, landlines, and cell phone numbers for up to 80% of the property owners on your lists!

Rehab Estimator

PropStream will help estimate real rehab costs before purchasing a property or hiring a service provider.

Built-In Marketing Tools

Customize and send postcards and even send voicemails directly to your prospects cell phones without ringing their phone!

Endless Search & Targeted List Generation Options

Generate highly targeted marketing lists of properties that meet your specific investment strategy. Choose numerous property types such as MLS expired and failed listings, pre-foreclosures, involuntary liens, cash buyers, high equity, bankruptcy, divorce, and more. Then combine your search with hundreds of filter options to drill down even further.

Analytics Powered by Big Data

See Market Performance, Listings, Sales Rental Price Changes, Trends, and more. Run your own analytics and watch PropStream individually isolate each property type you are looking for, right on the map! Zoom down and click on any property to see its details.


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